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Lux Vegan Eye Makeup Brush Set

M.O.T.D Cosmetics

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The Lux Vegan Eye Makeup Brush Set includes 9 of the softest makeup brushes that you’ll ever own and are perfect for all eye shapes. These essential vegan eye makeup brushes will achieve any look your big heart desires! This set includes a rose gold vegan leather canvas bag that is great to take with you on the go.


  1. Pick up Line: Apply cream, gel, powder, or liquid eyeliner.
  2. Just Browsing: Define, outline, highlight, and shape your brows.
  3. No Fudge Just Smudge: Apply, blend, and soften your eye looks.
  4. Mr. Handyman: Apply, prime, and carve your eye looks.
  5. Eye Catching Crease: Apply, define, and blend eyeshadows
  6. Miss Shady Lady: Apply, define, and blend eyeshadows.
  7. Pencil Me In: Detail, blend, and smudge your eye looks.
  8. Blending Bestie: Apply and blend eyeshadows.
  9. Pigment Packer: Apply, build, and press pigment onto the lids.


    Every MOTD Cosmetics makeup brush features usage instructions stamped on the handle. All MOTD brushes are certified PETA cruelty free and vegan. MOTD Cosmetics uses innovative bristles that are safe for all skin types, soft, applies and blends beautifully compared to brushes that are made from animal hair.

    M.O.T.D brushes are made out of TAKLON: a high grade synthetic polyester fiber that mimics animal hair.

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